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Laser Hair Removal

Using laser treatments we can eliminate unwanted hair from all over the body and face with a series of easy treatments. Both men and women can enjoy the benefit of this simple non-invasive treatment.

Our laser hair removal methods are safe, fast and best suited to pigmented hair. All of our laser consultants have a laser safety licence and are registered with Queensland Health.

Areas that can be treated are:-

  • Face & neck

  • Back hair line

  • Underarms

  • Chest, back & shoulders

  • Arms & hands

  • Bikini area & buttocks

  • Legs

Before and after care procedures ensure that you get the most out of your treatment.

Toowoomba Laser Clinic also offers Electrolysis as a supplementary treatment for fair or grey hairs as well as those last few stubborn hairs post treatment. See our Electrolysis notes for more information on this treatment.

As you can see, we have you covered for laser hair removal.  To find out how you can be hair-free, please contact us on 07 4638 2700.

If you are unhappy with your laser hair removal results from one of the discount clinics, come and see us.  As we are a medical clinic with licenced laser safety officers, you are assured of sound advice and treatment.

laser hair removal Toowoomba

DISCLAIMER: Results from Laser Hair Removal may vary from person to person.  Certain medical conditions and individual lifestyle variations may result in not achieving your desired outcomes.  Multiple treatments are necessary (and occasional maintenance may be needed). Initial consultation essential.

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