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Laser Peels

Facial peels will freshen your skin straight away. 

Laser skin resurfacing, also known as a laser peel, is the removal of the top layers of the skin with focused laser light energy. Some types of lasers also penetrate into deeper layers of skin to provide additional benefits. The main goals of laser skin resurfacing are to make the skin smoother, tighter, and more even in tone, texture, and colour.

Based on the integrity of your skin and the skin condition to be treated, your Toowoomba Laser Clinic Skin Care Consultant will advise you which peel would best suit you.

The conditions that we can treat with peels are:-

  • Hyperpigmentation

  • Acne/ Acne scarring

  • Superficial lines and wrinkles

  • Photodamaged skin

  • Ageing skin

  • Thickened skin

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